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The SMTW Method will teach you how to achieve results with your clients sooner by learning how to release your client’s stagnation with less resistance and in a way that makes the process a more positive experience for your clients.

A training course designed for coaches, therapists, teachers and group facilitators, Show Me Tao Way Method will add a game-like approach to your practice and will help your clients reach breakthroughs in a very short amount of time.

*The courses offered here by SMTW are specifically for Practitioner Training.

For one-on-one SMTW sessions, contact one of our Certified SMTW Practitioners in our Practitioner Directory here.

Who is it for?

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You are a practicing therapist, life coach, a group facilitator or any kind of a teacher who is interested in incorporating mindfulness into your practice. You know that you are talented and want to be able to maximize your ability to help your clientele.

But there are times when you are unsure whether you really managed to help resolve your clients’ issues from the root cause. Perhaps, you avoid taking on certain prospective clients because you don’t feel adequately equipped. Maybe you find yourself dealing with clients who are resistant to the process and you feel unsure of how to move these clients forward.

Do you ever have this feeling that maybe there is a better way- a way that is more accurate and effective to support your clients?


What does SMTW do?

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SMTW is a coaching and mindfulness method that is delivered to the client in a game-like approach. To learn more read our complete about SMTW page here.

Employed by coaches and therapists in clinics around the world, it is equal parts therapy, equal parts mindfulness tool.

SWTW should be facilitated by a trained practitioner in order to optimize results for your client. The main objective of this method is to help your client release any sources of stagnation and rigidity holding them back in their lives. 

We achieve this by getting our clients to practice the SMTW game consistently because it is just that, a practice, which requires commitment in order to achieve significant progress. 

By practicing the game, your clients will gain self-awareness and carve out new ways of looking at their lives.

By repeatedly practicing these new ways of thinking, your client will generate newfound cognitive flexibility and scientifically speaking, form new neural pathways, as this method activates neural plasticity. Invariably, this will also serve to weaken old patterns of thinking which have perpetuated your clients’ limiting beliefs.


What makes it different?

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So what makes SMTW Method different from other techniques?


Like many other therapeutic tools, the SMTW Method is designed to bridge the gap or foster the conversation between your client’s conscious and subconscious self to affect real change.


One of the ways The SMTW Method is different from other methods is that it is uniquely based on  PLAYFULNESS and upholds the principles of coaching vs therapy. 


Our coaching works on teaching the individual to apply  introspective self work and understanding, rather than depending on external evaluation and analysis.

The playful quality of the method creates a safe and non-threatening therapeutic approach to engaging one’s subconscious, and will help them process all future thoughts in a more expanded, enlightened way.

Who can take the course?

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Practitioners, therapists, life coaches or those who work with clients on a daily basis.

Group facilitators or teachers who use mindfulness in their therapeutic approach.

Those who wish to support their clients using a more holistic and balanced approach.

Practitioners who are open to an approach that plays out like a game, serving to lighten            the intensity usually associated with therapy.

What are the courses?

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There are two courses offered by SMTW:

# SMTW Coach Study Route

- This course is an introductory group training program completed over 9 sessions, that provides a more in-depth understanding on the SMTW method for professionals on a coaching level. Facilitated by Kinneret.

# SMTW Practicum Route

- This course is for those who wish to become an SMTW Certified Coach. One can only coach others once they have completed this Practicum Route.  Facilitated by Ayelet.

Course Details

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Each of our courses have their own prerequisites and steps to complete.

For detailed information on each, choose the course link in the buttons below.

*Next course begins January 16, 2022

*Next course TBD

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