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Embark on a Journey of Mindfulness and Volunteering. Discover how a six-day trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic, can offer both 20 hours of volunteering and a personal journey into the world of mindfulness.

SMTaoWay Retreat in Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Introducing SMTW

SMTW is a game based on a training method that assists in learning the art of listening, designed to navigate the complex journey of maturing filled with ups and downs. It addresses the challenges of adolescence, offering a way to disconnect from internal and external debates and understand the complexities of life at this age.


What is SMTW?

SMTW is a training process conveyed through a game. Its main goal is to teach how to handle life's challenging situations by training new thinking muscles, beginning the practice of cognitive flexibility and the "atrophy" of thinking muscles that reinforce our limiting beliefs, all through play.


The Game of SMTW

SMTW's playfulness, combined with a structured framework and organized game rules, creates confidence and trust from the very first steps of the process. The game consists of six stages, each move in the meeting becomes active, helping to observe, analyze, and dissolve limiting beliefs, maintain high concentration, and elegantly bypass even the hardest resistances.


The Path to Maturity

The journey of maturing is long, often leading us to disconnect when overwhelmed by internal and external conflicts. SMTW offers a method to reduce these challenges, providing clear tools to work with the constant uncertainty that accompanies adolescence.





Why This Retreat?

This retreat is a chance to give yourself a significant gift for life. The timing in this age is tremendous for creating formative and enduring changes for the future. Training thinking muscles and cognitive flexibility from a young age significantly contributes to the future self, creating a higher potential for a balanced and healthy life.


The Retreat Experience

We will practice the first three steps of the game, each step being an investigative process. In the remaining time, we will enjoy good food, a calm and inspiring atmosphere, and the endless nature that this magical place has to offer.

Additional Information

In collaboration with several local school institutions seeking support, the SMTW Retreat presents a compelling opportunity  to earn 20 out of the 40 volunteer hours needed to meet high school graduation requirements. 

Who is the Retreat For?

  • Teens interested in strengthening their social skills and wanting to undergo a shared coaching experience from the world of mindfulness.

  • Teens interested in collecting volunteer hours in an experiential way, literally outside the box, and undergoing an empowering and unforgettable experience in a magical place of infinite nature.


About the Location

The retreat is located at Surf Salvacion Boutique Hotel in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. The hotel is in an area popular with tourists for sea sports - surfing and windsurfing. This charming resort has 11 rooms, a central pool and a ping pong table. The rooms are private, each with its own private bathroom. This idyllic venue provides all the right conditions to connect mind, body and soul. The resort has 24/7 security and is located in one of the best and most sought-after areas on the island, Encuentro.

Course Details

Day 1

On the first day, we allow time for observation and processing. We focus on getting to know and practice the first step of the training game, Show Me The Way. This is the perfect time for nature walks and giving yourself the right space for personal and group quality time. 

Day 2

We’ll spend the first half of the day volunteering at the local school Mariposa. In the latter part of the day, we practice guided imagination exercises, meditation and listening. 

Day 3

We begin day 3 at Mariposa for another day of volunteering. In the afternoon, we enjoy surfing lessons at the beach. At the end of the day, we close the evening with a social dynamics exercise called - telling my story to myself from all possible angles.

Day 4

On the fourth day, we return for another five hours of volunteering. Then, we practice SMTW through a drama therapy exercise. This is the second step of the Showme Taoway training game. 

Day 5

The fifth day is our last day of volunteering, and in the INFO MISSING.


A Little About Me

Below are a number of sources that will help you get to know me better:

Excerpt from Millenium Magazine - MARQUIS:

Kinneret Lad Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer ShowMe TaoWay Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In the quest for personal transformation, ShowMe TaoWay (SMTW) stands out as a beacon of innovation. At its core is Kinneret Lad, the co-founder and chief executive officer, whose unique vision has given rise to a method that marries the ancient wisdom of Tao with the practicality of Western behavioral tools. This pioneering approach, co-developed with science master Ilana Stain Attali — who also shares an affinity for Chinese philosophy — is redefining life coaching. Under Ms. Lad’s guidance, the SMTW Method has proven effective in various counseling contexts, particularly with parents and couples, facilitating deeper connections and understanding. Her own academic pursuits in theater arts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her certification in psychodrama from Kibbutzim College have provided a solid foundation for her work. Additionally, her expertise was further honed with certifications in traditional Chinese medicine and herbology, and in Adlerian parenting coaching, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive care and support. 

Currently, Ms. Lad is compounding her professional development through the International Coaching Federation, ensuring that her methods stay relevant and evidence-based. Her dedication extends beyond the professional sphere, as well; she actively volunteers with the United Jewish Appeal, helping Israeli teens build communication skills for peace and healthy relationships, a mission that has become increasingly critical since October 2023. The SMTW game, a core component of Ms. Lad’s method, has gained traction as well, thanks to its timely and impactful communication strategies in the complex modern social landscape. She reflects with pride on the transformative power of the SMTW Method, which has facilitated remarkable breakthroughs and fostered shifts in mindsets among individuals with polarized opinions. Ms. Lad’s work with the SMTW Method is a testament to the potential for change and the power of understanding. Her vision for a harmonious society, supported by the tenets of Tao and the practicality of modern science, continues to inspire and influence lives, making her work a vital piece of the puzzle in the collective search for peace and unity.

Full Article Link Here


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