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Don't take our word for it...

SMTW prides itself on relying more on word-of-mouth than excessive marketing and advertising. Because we believe it takes someone who KNOWS Showme to really be able to share the efficiency and benefits of it.

Below, you will find professionals, coaches and clients alike with testimonials on their own experiences through the Showme gameplay either through their own journey or with their clients.


Ayelet, Life Coach

The SMTW Method has helped me find calm in my life. It has allowed me to know how to recognize my feelings in the present and how I want to feel. The method deepens your self-awareness and allows me to see what’s going on inside of me and guide this knowledge with acceptance, self-love and not judge myself. With the help of the prompting cards and the images and words, I was able to make deep connections between data points and see the messages from my subconscious. I also learned how to recognize and override all of the limiting beliefs that had been guiding me for so long. SMTW helps me bring my limiting beliefs and my strengths to my consciousness and then I can deal with them-even activate them to get to where I want to be in my life. The SMTW Method has empowered me and given me the confidence to understand myself better and to be in charge of guiding my life in the direction I want it to go.


Galia, Life Coach

I want to share that one day I had a meeting with a prospective client. I explained the SMTW Method that I employ to her and she signed up and paid for 12 sessions on the spot! 

I chose to work with the Show Me Tao Way Method because it is a structured and highly effective process that allows you to guide your clients at eye level. It activates deep introspection listening to the heart, and helps change patterns of thinking and behavior. The process empowers your clients to have agency and like they don’t have to rely on their therapist. From my experience, SMTW is life changing!


Shlomit, PhD

For an intense period of time in my life, I let external influences impact my mood and so much so that I had trouble functioning in my daily life. After completing the SMTW practitioner training course with Kinneret, I realized the profoundly positive experience the method was having on me and those in my life. I went on to sign up for the practicum course and I am now a fully certified SMTW Practitioner. The certification process has given me the tools to empower me both mentally and spiritually and the confidence to navigate all of life’s trials and tribulations without falling into an emotional vortex anymore. This happened to me and can be your experience too!

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Gabriela, Coach

I didn't find SMTW. SMTW found me. Literally. Kinneret found me in a park as we walked our dogs and I was in, what can only be called "a black hole". One year later, I have become a certified Showme Practitioner and continuous student of Showme as my world around me has evolved and changed along with my new ways of thinking! Showme has absolutely created new connections in my mind that actively changes the way I think and connect with others.

By working as a Showme Practitioner, I have learned how to listen and ask the right questions which allows my own clients to flourish and create their own connections and changes. 

It's an understatement to say that with the proper dedication, and open heart and an open mind, SMTW is able to created massive, literal life-changing events in your life.


Ester, Client

"When I came to show me I was in a very dark place I did not know myself and did not understand what I was feeling or what I was going through.

The thing I most wanted to get from this journey is happiness I wanted to be happy and satisfied.

I started my healing journey through show me with lots of fears and anxieties and endless thoughts.

Show me changed my life unequivocally, today I am in a different and mature place I found the light that was always in me Show me taught me that all the answers I needed were with me a long time ago.

I moved from a dark place to a bright place and all thanks to my choice to listen to myself, persevere and trust myself.

I learned to look at myself and life from a different perspective I learned to put the focus on the important things and focus myself on my healing  journey.

Today I know that my happiness is my choice I am responsible for my thoughts, for my emotions and I choose the way I walk in this game called life.

I recommend to anyone who wants to change his life and take a new route to try show me.

Thank you very much for Show me and many thanks to Kinneret!"


Marianne, Client

“If I were asked to summarize my experience of the SMTW training workshop in 1 sentence, I would say “I came with a blank page and left with a blank page, while the journey in between was full.” Just like the name of the method implies, Show Me Tao Way, the way develops and is revealed slowly; the way is circular, signifying the never-ending nature of the process. It is also the edges of this spiral path that reveal the many dots or experiences and data points that make up each of us. This journey rattled me- can you believe it, me? Even me who survived tsunamis and was tested by many of my choices and curiosities, while trying every type of therapy, even the more extreme types, until I experienced SMTW. This method made me realize what really works, that I had to be rattled, shaken up, but this type on my own terms. I decided to be rattled willingly and with defined parameters.

Every therapist and practitioner that decides to take this journey will bring with them decades of awareness and knowledge just as I did, and I can say proudly that I decided to learn from you and to open myself to this process of self-discovery because of the environment and level of comfort you created for me and other participants. You have taught me and continue to be a great teacher of mine. I learned how to fully let go, to be vulnerable and devote myself to the process. I learned how to do all of this due to a fresh new perspective I had on myself and my life as a result of SMTW. 

Thanks for teaching me how to choose “me”.  Those who have the privilege to have you as their teacher are truly blessed.


Rebecca, Client

“I have always been the organized one who seeks to know and have control of everything in my life, to know what is around the corner and to solve every problem, with the SMTW method, I find myself allowing myself to live with questions unanswered and be in a state of amazement. I have learned that it is okay to live with unknowns during the process yet the method inspires a sense of curiosity which guides me to do the work day in and day out and pursue answers to questions that arise. The sessions and support I received throughout the training allows me to feel competent along the way. The beauty of the method is that you don’t always have to understand what you are experiencing or to even stress too much about things that surface. But know that if you are committed to the process and to the goals of the method which are to reveal your true self, everything will eventually resolve itself by the end of the process. As a person who has participated in countless mindfulness and self-empowerment workshops, I can honestly say that there is a magical quality that one experiences with the SMTW method unlike with any other.”


Ilanit, Life Coach

This amazing 8 weeks program is beyond anything I could imagine “it’s a total transformation of your subconscious”

Every session taught me how to accept  who I am and simply to fell in love in myself (yes it’s all about you and it’s all within you) 

It’s like looking in the mirror and seeing all your flaws, and as you go through Showmetaoway 12 sessions you realize that these flaws are nothing but beautiful, powerful and a very important part of who you are. If you ever wanted to change the relationships you have with yourself/kids/spouse/parents/friends/managers/peers its actually possible, requires some good practice but it only takes 3 months! The work is changing the automated thoughts and feelings you have to positive thinking and mindful awareness.

Your tool box will be full with ability to set healthy boundaries, understanding your emotions, and balance of your feelings follows by balanced reactions.


Thank you Kineret and to Showme crew for this amazing “Life-Changing” experience.

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