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Our Story

The Showme Taoway Story

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The Showme vision was born into a playful way to inspire, create and grow.

Once upon a time two women met in a coffee shop.


They did not set out to develop a method, they simply played with their ideas and shared insights. Overtime they realized that through receiving and giving of one and other's knowledge, wisdom, and respect a powerful tool for self investigation came into existence.


SMTW started to take shape in 2014. Today SMTW is in the process of gaining scientific interest as well as a reputation among therapists and individuals interested in personal development through mindfulness. 


Kinneret Lad

      I’m Kinneret Ladizinsky-Kasif and to use labels I’m most comfortable with to describe myself, I’m a mother to my dear son, Eden, a partner to my husband Eitan and a student of many fields of interest.

       My areas of study include a degree in Psychodrama, certification in Chinese medicine and certification in the Adlerian based method of coaching for parents of young children and adolescents. From all of these areas of study, I’ve learned and evolved and picked up many tools to take with  me on my professional journey.

       In 2013, I met Ilana Stein-Attali who would later become my partner and co-founder of the SMTW Method. While Ilana’s academic background is rooted in classical science, and mine in Adlerian psychology, we both have in common our certification in Chinese medicine.


       In 2017, we piloted the SMTW Method. We have each incorporated the method into our respective clinical practices, mine as a Parenting Coach and Ilana as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner.


       My first experience employing the SMTW Method in my clinic presented me with a great challenge. My client was the mother of a teenage girl, who was extremely frustrated at her inability to communicate with her daughter. This case was extremely complex and the daughter had not been speaking with her mother for over a year when my client came to me. I introduced the SMTW Method to the mother at our eighth session together.


       Meanwhile, in the SMTW focus groups I was facilitating simultaneously, the participants were experiencing significant breakthroughs during their first and second sessions of practicing the method. This encouraged me to continue developing the method, but this was already a positive sign that it was highly effective and can achieve results in a relatively short span of time (over 8-12 sessions).


       Since its inception, I have used SMTW with all of my clients in my professional clinic and also practice the method myself daily. 


Ilana Stein-Attali

         Ilana's wealth of experience and knowledge bring to her practice an integration of body, mind and spirit. 

After having earned an MSc. in biochemistry, a BSc. in nutrition and graduating from a Traditional Chinese Medicine School, Ilana founded The House of Vitality which focuses on Women's health and fertility. 

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