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Your first step to SMTW 

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Whether you're looking to practice SMTW for your own self-healing process, or looking to become a certified SMTW practitioner, this is where it all begins.

Anyone who is new to the SMTW method will begin their journey through the SMTW Introduction Program.

The program consists of a minimum of 12, once-a-week sessions. 

This can vary depending on the length of each session, in particular when working with a practitioner.

The program also includes a physical or digital SMTW kit that you will work with throughout the program. These can be purchased in our shop.

SMTW is proud to offer flexible program options that you can choose from as listed below.

Program Options

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# Work with a Certified SMTW Practitioner in one-on-one sessions. You can meet our practitioners in our Practitioner Directory.

#Work with the Co-Founder of SMTW, Kinneret Lad, in one-on-one sessions. You can contact her here or fill out a contact form here.

#Work on your own through the SMTW Online Course which you can purchase here.*

*It is HIGLY recommended to work with a practitioner

to ensure the best experience with Showme.


Benefits with SMTW

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Aside from all the wellness benefits of working through the Showme Taoway Method,

here are a few other perks you will receive:

Free* access to the complete SMTW Online Course. *Valued at $333 compared to when purchasing on it's own.

Access to the official SMTW What's App Group Chat where you will be able to contact and converse with Certified SMTW Practitioners.

Become a member of the SMTW Facebook Community Group and join in on posts, tips, suggestions and more.



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