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Which way through Showme Taoway

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The beauty of the SMTW method, are the various and flexible routes that one may take through their SMTW journey.

To understand each route better and to discover which one is best for you, we have created this route map that describes each route details.

To learn more about a route, just click on the routes button for more information.


SMTW Game Kit

Purchase the SMTW kit and practice the method on your own time and pace.

Each kit comes with free downloadable instructions.


SMTW Online Course

Work with your SMTW kit and a 9 week online course which will lead you step by step on how to play the whole game; practicing with yourself on how to balance your inner discourse 


SMTW One-on-one Sessions

Work with a certified SMTW Practitioner to guide you along a 12 session journey through the SMTW method.

Discover one of our wonderful qualified practitioners in our Practitioner Directory in the button below, and contact them to inquiry about personal one-on-one sessions.

Package rates for practitioners are suggested* to be $1,500 for a New Practitioner and $2,100 for Veteran Practitioners.

*Prices shown are for the complete 12 week sessions and are only a guideline. Contact your practitioner of choice to confirm rates.


SMTW Practicum Route

For those looking to become a Certified SMTW Practitioner, this 12 week course will give you the full training and qualifications needed to be able to teach the SMTW method to your own clients.

To take this course, you must first complete the SMTW Coach Study RouteView full course details at the SMTW Academy

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