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Got Questions?

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Well we've got answers!

Scroll through our most common FAQ to find the answers you are looking for. 


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  • Do you have to buy the SMTW Kit for the sessions?
    You are not required to have the full physical kit; however we advise that you do purchase the downloadable kit which is vital to your SHOWME sessions. This is at a much lower cost than the physical kit and can be easily printed out to use.
  • Can I purchase the SMTW Kit on its own or do I have to book the 12 sessions?
    You are welcome to purchase the Physical or Digital SMTW on its own for your own personal use. We do, however, recommend the 12 sessions with a trained practitioner to better understand and utilize your kit for optimal results.
  • Are the SMTW cards like tarot card?
    No. The cards in the SMTW Kit are a gameplay tool to create a unique set of minfulness based on creating new connections in our mind through SMTW gameplay. It does, however, require inward intuition and self-trust,
  • Do I have to do the 12 SMTW one-on-one sessions before I take the Practitioner Training Program?
  • I bought but online course, but it's not for me. Can I get a refund?
    If you wish to end your online course, you may within the first two weeks from purchase. If you have received your kit and wish to return it as well, you will receive a 75% refund (not including shipping costs). If however you do not return your kit, you will only receive a 30% refund.
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