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SMTW One-on-one Retreat

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Join Us!

We're offering a FREE webinar, September 1st, at 8pm EST for anyone and everyone looking to receive more information about the upcoming One-on-one Parent & Teen Retreat. 

Join Kinneret, as she offers an in depth tour of the retreat, it's cultivation and methodology. 

Retreat Date:

October 1 - 2, 2022

Retreat Participants:

1 Parent + 1 Adolescents (17-20yrs)

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Looking to resolve tension and stagnation in your life in a shorter time, with less resistance and in a more enjoyable way?
Show Me Tao Way or SMTW is a technique that helps those who use it to reach breakthroughs relatively quickly and effectively.
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Retreat Description:

To the adolescents and adults out there, I know that the road is long, full of ups and downs, and that sometimes you prefer to just disengage from the world, when you feel an argument arising with your parents. Obviously, you have a lot to offer to the world, to society, but somehow everything always seems to get complicated and doesn't work out the way you would like.  Instead of feeling that you are on the path of a healthy development and maturity, you often feel misunderstood and you feel like no one really understands you- sometimes not even yourself. 


Parents, I know that the road is long, and full of ups and downs; sometimes, and quite often you may prefer to just disengage from the situation when yet another argument arises with your child. You know you have a lot to say to your child, yet somehow everything always gets complicated and doesn't work out the way you would like it when you engage with them at these times.  Instead of feeling like you're guiding your child towards a safe haven, you feel like you’re missing something because you can't bridge the gaps or meet them where they are as they go through adolescence. You may even have wondered whether there is an easier way out there, a quicker way, a more direct way to resolve issues with your child. 


Indeed, there is a way and it’s called Show Me Tao Way or SMTW, a mindfulness and life coaching methodology which plays out like a game. The main objective of SMTW is to help people release any unserving thought patterns that we may be holding on to, which cause stagnation. By practicing SMTW, we essentially carve out new neurological pathways for ourselves, allowing us to expand our ways of thinking and conversely we shrink our limiting beliefs, which have been holding us back. All of this happens with the SMTW method and it will even feel like you’re playing a game at times. 


This will be the first official SMTW retreat, designed specifically for a small group of parents and adolescents who can relate to the scenarios described above. Until now, SMTW has been employed mainly by therapists, life coaches and other professionals in their private practices. However, the time has come to make SMTW accessible to all, in particular to parents and adolescent/teenager children, ages 17-19. Why am I so focused on this age bracket, you may ask?


Because it was precisely at this age that I was on a hunt for guidance and tools to assist me during a period of so much uncertainty. When I facilitate the SMTW method for teenagers, I realize what a life long gift they are giving themselves by opening themselves up to this type of work. This age is tremendous for cultivating new thought patterns and ideas that may change us for the rest of life. The cognitive muscles being developed at the ages of 17-19 are still fragile and malleable on the one hand and therefore it is relatively easy to generate change, however it is also at this age that there is the start of maturity and readiness to create the foundation for this new chapter in our lives.  Studies show that training the cognitive muscles and working on one’s mental flexibility from an early age contributes significantly to leading a more balanced and healthy life for you and those around you. 


And that's exactly why SMTW was born.  The fact that it plays out like a game and a mindfulness technique allows for a light and casual feeling combined with a very structured framework with a clear  set of instructions. Over the course of the first few sessions of practicing SMTW, one will gain both confidence and trust in the process. If there is a 100% commitment to the process - a breakthrough is to be expected!!


The game consists of six stages. Throughout the game, each move in the session becomes more interactive and self reflective, helping one to observe, analyze and dissolve their own limiting beliefs.


During the retreat, we will practice the first three steps of the game, wherein each step will introduce a new process. For the rest of the time, we will enjoy good food, yoga, chikung and the good atmosphere that this magical place has to offer. 

Who it's designed for:

Any parent and/or teen looking to strengthen their relationship and who are open to out-of- the-box ways of doing so. 

#Anyone looking for a new shared experience, which will expand and deepen the channels of communication with ourselves and with those around us.  

#For those who want to be able to solve challenges in life through mindfulness and play, and inevitably by bringing a lightness and pleasure to your daily routine.

#For parents and adolescents who are looking to lead happy and peaceful lives and learn how to leave the drama behind. 

Retreat Location:

The retreat will take place  in a magical place called Clear Being Circle in beautiful King City.

This residence is a mansion that has been restored and renovated and designed specifically for retreats and workshops. The place has an in-house chef who will cook us 3 specially curated meals for our group. The house also consists of 17 well appointed rooms, each equipped with a full ensuite. As well, most of the walls of the house are made of glass, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the property from most places in the house. There are several meditation rooms overlooking the private forest and lake. There is also an entirely glass enclosed great room where many of the sessions will take place. 

Retreat Gallery

Retreat Outline:


 On the first day we will practice two of the six phases of the game. In between, there will be food breaks and other intentional breaks to allow for time to observe and reflect upon the process. These breaks will include the opportunity to walk in nature and give yourself the right space for personal/parent-child quality time. 



On the second day, we will start the morning led by Sean who will teach Chikung exercises. We will then continue to learn and practice the third and final stages of the SMTW method.

Retreat Cost:

$1800 per pair (one time payment) 


6 payments of $350 ($2100)

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