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Meet The Team

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SHOWME Practitioners are highly trained individuals with various backgrounds, degrees and experiences who have come together to support a common goal of sharing and practicing the SHOWME method among themselves, clients and future practitioners alike.

SWTW should be facilitated by a trained practitioner for optimal results, and each and every one from our team has completed the essential sessions and practice needed to be able to teach the SHOWME method.

Kinneret Lad

Founder -

SMTW Group Coaching Practitioner

Creator and Co-Founder of the Showme Taoway method. 

Certified in Adlerian theory, psychodrama and Chinese Medicine, Kinneret has 7 years of experience as an Adlerian coach with parents & children.

Since 2017, the SHOWME method has become the major part of her practice in her clinic, creating lots of breakthroughs especially with adolescents. 

"By practicing SHOWME we bridge voices, we create breakthroughs from what seemed to be breakdowns"

*Kinneret works exclusively on Group Coaching and Master Program.

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Ayelet Megan

SMTW Practicum Facilitator

Certified professional co-active coach with over 25 years of experience in human resources management and in helping clients and organizations develop their leadership skills, meet their full potential and create change.


Trained with the following:

-Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Co-Active coaching methodology.

-The Leadership Circle to become a consultant and facilitator of leadership effectiveness assessments.

-SMTW in short-term coaching

-The Adler School of Coaching and CRR global as a group coach.


Ayelet provides coaching for individuals, leaders in organizations, and groups. Also provides workshop facilitation, program design, and leadership effectiveness assessment services for leaders and managers. Superior interpersonal skills, with emphasis on empathy, and motivation to help people overcome obstacles and reach their objectives. Strong track record of producing results while working with diversity in cultures and languages remotely (computer platforms and phone) and in person.


Each practitioner on our site has their own specialty.

If you are looking for one-on-one SMTW sessions, here is our directory of Certified Showme Practitioners whom you may book sessions with by contacting them directly via emails provided.

SMTW Practitioner Directory

Practitioner Directory

Practitioner Portal

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Exclusive portal for practitioners and clients to access maps, cards and more.

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