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SMTW Digital Kit



    Playing the game - is like a yoga to you mind. practicing it daily will create balance discourse with your self and the surroundings and will teach you how to let go of limited thoughts and create new paths of thinking that strive for balance and peaceful life.


    By practicing the game daily, you would be able to see results and you’ll noticing breakthroughs after 9-12 weeks.

    This downloadable digital kit includes the essential items from the SMTW kit:

    • SMTW Emotional Map - 5 Element Model
    • SMTW Spider Model
    • 81 Picture Cards
    • 81 Word Cards - Based on the 81 Tao book Chapters
    • SMTW Gameplay Instructions
  • Once you have made your purchase, you will recieve a confirmation where you will need to agree to our Terms  & Conditions before receiving your purchase.

    Please be sure to read these carefully.

    Should you wish not to proceed with accepting our terms, you may contact us and we will promptly offer a full refund.

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